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Marco ha descrito su casa en Français, English.

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I offer my villa with garden in the countryside around Rome or attic in Monteverde area to swap with an accomodation in London during decembere for a week, please contact me for more info. Between Genzano and Velletri along the ancient via Appia in a private area of this villa: 3 bedrooms + living room and two bathrooms with a garden and gazebo and outdoor kitchen with barbecue, is offered for swap from now. Overview and surrounded by tall trees with a garden planted with tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini and large about 130 square meters. Equipped with air conditioning, television, DVD player, stereo, Internet access, washing machine, electric water heater. 6 beds in 3 rooms: one double bed, two twin beds separated, a sofa bed cm. 140 + a sofa bed in the living. It is reached by the Via Appia Genzano after about 1 hour drive from Rome and 10 min. Genzano and Velletri. Visited upon request. Location: Rural Amenities: Air Conditioning, Balcony, Cleaning Service available , Equipped for kids, Garden, Heating, Parking Included Laundry: In Home washer Entertainment: Computer Available , DVD, Internet Access, Stereo Hi-Fi, TV, Wireless Internet THE VILLA IS LOCATED IN FAMOUS GREEN COUNTRYSIDE OUTSIDE ROME (ITALY) CALLED "CASTELLI ROMANI"(ROMAN CASTLES) NAMED GENZANO WITH HIS LAKES, ONLY 30KM TO ROME. DETAILS OF THE VILLA:150 SQMT. COMPOSED BY 2 BEDROOMS, 1 STUDIO WITH DOUBLE SOFA BED, 1 LIVING ROOM WITH ONE MORE SOFA BED, 2 BATHROOMS, GARDEN AROUND THE VILLA WITH EXTERNAL KITCHEN WITH BARBECUE AND IRON GAZEBO. MANY INTERESTING SITES AROUND. 20 MINUTES FROM THE SEA (NETTUNO SWAPPING ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

The origin of the name Genzano is still disputed. According to a version, the hill overlooking the Lake of Nemi on which the city is situated was once devoted to the goddess Cynthia, whose cult was associated to that of Diana Nemorensis. Another version relates its origin to the Gentiani family. For others the presence on the hills, at that time of the "tribus or gens Cynthia" originators and custodians of the cult of courage, in "Castrum Gentianum" from them the derivation of the name Genzano. During the Roman empire the area was inhabited by wealthy Roman citizens who wished to benefit from the cleaner air, uncontaminated water and cooler temperatures during the hot summer months. The remains of many ancient Roman villas are to be found everywhere in the surroundings. The most impressive being the walls of the "villa of the Antonini" where the later Roman emperor Antoninus Pius (138 -161 AD.) was born. The Herculean Sarcophagus of Genzano, currently in the British Museum was found here. In the 12th century a tower of the Gandolfi family, lord of Castel Gandolfo, existed in the site. In 1183 Pope Lucius III gave it to the Cistercian monks of St. Anastasius of Aquae Salviae in Rome. In 1235 they built a large castle around which the town later grew. In 1378 the Popes assigned it to Giordano Orsini. The Cistercians and the Colonna alternatively ruled Genzano until 1563, when the castle was ceded for 150,000 scudos to the Massimi, from which it was bought by Giuliano Cesarini. Livia Cesarini, last exponent of the family and wife of Francesco II Sforza, together architect Giovanni Iacobini, designed and built Genzano Nuova ("New Genzano") in 1708, according to the then most modern urban plannings of that time. The painter Maratti was one of the citizens who settled in Livia Sforza-Cesarini's new town. TYPICAL FESTA: INFIORATA

There are many interesting sites nearby, and you are only twenty minutes from the sea. (See For information about Genzano, see For information about Genzano's famous flower festival, see

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The sea at 25 minutes by car

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