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Carol ha descrito su casa en English.

Lo que te va a encantar en esta casa

Our home is one of the few rustic and original beach houses that still are found within the town limits. It may well not be suitable for the regular traveler, so please read the descrription. You have to have an adventurous spirit and be able to live with nature and all her fascinating vagaries. You'll be without many of the modern-day amenities we've come to expect. Living in our house is being in communion with old-style coastal Mexico. It's not just quaint, it's totally authentic.

Our house is rustic, rustic, rustic, consisting of three partially-enclosed rooms (all lockable) and a large, screened in verandah open to the garden. The simple construction is roughly hewn wood (and yes, with wood in the tropics, we do have to battle termites, too) with bricks and concrete, some of it painted, some of it not. The low roof is terracotta tile on tarps stretched over wooden beams. The tarps serve to keep both insects and rainwater out.

The rooms are separated from the verandah with metal bars covered by curtains above and woven petate wainscotting below for privacy. The room closest to the bathroom is the main bedroom and has a king-size bed. The second bedroom is not available to guests as that's where we store personal items during your stay. The third room closest to the kitchen serves as a combination pantry and office area. The fridge, microwave, and phone are all in that room. The back and side walls of the rooms are a combination of solid and open brickwork (with screens) allowing for plenty of air flow.

The verandah holds two hammocks and other cushioned seating (including an extra single bed), a table with six chairs, and a simple old-style kitchen with basic stove and the original concrete sink, somewhat crumbly. Modern, it is not. Functional, it is.

We're almost on the beach and surrounded by sandy soil and palm trees. A huge tropical fig tree stands beside the house and under it, five steps from the main house in a thatched palm-stick structure that wraps around the tree trunk, is the bathroom. There's hot water in the bathroom, and a real sink and toilet, but beware: the floor is rough cement that constantly cracks from the growth and movement of the statuesque tree that encircles it, the walls are made of palm sticks, and the roof is thatched palm leaves. It's rough, it's rustic. And it's a delicious place to take a shower!

In the garden area in front of the house is a container garden that usually holds a variety of edible greens (things like collards and arugula) and herbs such as basil, marjoram, and chives, all grown organically. I began the container garden when I gave up eating animal products and decided to grow my own food... and because the hard, sandy soil in the yard is so poor not much will grow in it. The containers need occasional watering, and if there are greens to harvest, they'll be yours for the eating. We also usually have a cat or two in residence on the property, which may also need feeding but usually not much else unless you want to cuddle.

Lo que te va a encantar del barrio

The best beach in Zihuatanejo Bay, Playa La Ropa, is just a few steps away from the front gate...a perfect place to swim and watch the sun go down. The minibuses that can take you into town (or you can walk the beach and over hill and get there that way) are stationed right outside our gate, there are a couple of small stores directly across the street, and there are almost always taxis around waiting to take beach-goers back to their hotels. We're close to several beach front restaurants serving traditional Mexican food, international fare, and--mainly--seafood.

Información adicional

Since our house is largely open and doesn't even have any windows (except one old stained glass window hanging as a decoration above the stove in the kitchen), we do not have air conditioning, only floor fans that we move around as we need. The house is screened, so as long as you keep the screens closed, you'll not have much of a biting bug problem. But also, being so near the water and totally shaded by the fig tree and several coconut palms, no direct sun hits the house, keeping it a lot cooler than many of the more modern buildings in the area.

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